Compost is the EASIEST way to start making a Change. You can Compost ANYWHERE! With composting you are closing a natural nutrient cycle. USe your compost for buy essays online cheap your own veggie garden, or contribute to Community Gardens! Composting is the natural process by which organic waste, preferably plant matter, is decomposed by bacteria, making available the units of nutrient in an organic form.

Now most of our Organic waste, goes to waste, and that’s a waste. For all that waste can easily be transformed into fertility, for produce, for the soil, and for the food you eat.

Composting can be done on a small balcony space, in the yard, and also by creating big composting beds for Community Gardens and Small-hold Farms for instance.Decaying compost can provide an on-going source of Heat, and even Fuel.

At OWS it’s been TimeUp! that has coordinated much of the composting activities and they’ve collected on average 100 to 200 pounds a day! This organic matter do my assignment online is transported by Bike, to local Community Gardens, avoiding the Landfills, by-passing commercial interests, and building more and more fertility for the neighborhood gardeners!