Companies like Monsanto have done some very nasty things ever since it was decided in an American court that life itself could be patented. As many know, food companies started developing unhealthy superseeds which they aggressively market. Because their Genetically Modified (GM) seeds are patented, they buy essay online cheap receive money from lawsuits against small farmers that have been contaminated by their crops. Monsanto has corrupted food, food supply, soils, people, but thankfully there are people sometimes that stand up and fight! Thank you Percy Schmeiser, man who beat Monsanto!

The Man Who Beat Monsanto

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The United States continues to restrict its citizens rights, and sets eerie precedents for a worldwide trend to restrict people’s freedom, sovereignty, and basic human rights. After Homesteading has severely been restricted, no doubt by the presence of big Agricultural Corporations in the US government, laws against growing food continue to spread around the world, New Zealand being the latest of its victims. Now the US has just passed a bill giving them the unprecedented right to jail citizens without reason, an act that coincided with the Occupy movement’s surge, no doubt a judicial tool that will be used as dissent toward government, banks and unethical corporations continues to expand. Latest Update: Off the Grid Living is a Crime! Interesting Times….. The World Upside Down.. Well Anyways, this site here has some nice info on Off-Gridding if y’all interested!

A Community Garden can be Many Things, central though is the participation of a Community, in restoring soil, habitat, and creating more beneficial diversity. As harder times hit, the importance of Working Together and being grounded in a Nice Community of people is do my hw invaluable. Here people can busy themselves with a worthwhile Occupation, perhaps cultivating Food together, perhaps cultivating meaningful relationships, with plants, animals or humans. Maybe a certain degree of productivity or busy-ness develops that can yield jobs for people. There are so many empty vacant Urban lots. We need to OCCUPY those lots and start Community Gardens! 

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The Name Jean Pain, oft recurs when talking about Composting, and especially if it involves 8 month long lasting, 9 meter diameter piles, with bio-digesters and warm water tubing systems built-in. Jean Pain was very very inventive in harnessing all the different qualities of compost and the following article published on the PRI Aus. site details some of his inventions regarding compost, moreover it is an in-depth snap shot of a eulogy for responsible Forest Stewardship and Management, and the potential that lies in our forests in terms of possible productivity whilst taking better care of them.

“To give some perspective of how large a resource is not being taken advantage of, Jean Pain illustrates the outputs of some of the world’s forests. The Var Forest includes 400,000 usable hectares. This would annually produce 2.4 million tons of humus, 192 million liters of petrol equivalent in methane gas, and create 6,400 jobs, not including any created downstream of the resource generation.”

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